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4KMrs. Schafer
Classroom Page
4KMiss Hilgendorf
Classroom Page
5KMrs. SeegerClassroom Page
5KMrs. BartschClassroom Page
1st GradeMiss KochClassroom Page
1st-8th Grade Accelerated MathMrs Gorsline
Mr. Kent
2nd GradeMiss KudekClassroom Page
3rd GradeMrs. SeelmanClassroom Page
3rd GradeMiss JaegerClassroom Page
4th GradeMiss Johnson
Mr. Kent
Classroom Page
4th GradeMrs. Kanter
4th GradeMrs. Livingston
5th Grade/6th Grade ReligionMr. HahmClassroom Page
5th-8th Grade Physical EducationMiss R. Johnson
5th-8th Grade Science/6th-8th Grade ArtMrs. SchumacherClassroom Page
6th Grade Homeroom/
5th-8th Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Schlicht
7th Grade Homeroom/
6th-8th Grade Math
Mr. StannardClassroom Page
6th-8th Grade ELA/
8th Grade Homeroom
Mr. BartschClassroom Page
7th-8th Grade ReligionPastor ErtlClassroom Page
8th Grade ReligionPastor Hartmann